Commercial Finishes - Showcase in Springfield, IL

H. F. Fritsch is your number one source for finishes and substrate preparation in Springfield, IL and surrounding areas. We provide this service to many commercial places, including offices, retail stores, health care offices, banks, production facilities, and much more. Our substrate preparation services include plaster, drywall finishing, exterior insulation services, and any other commercial finishing service.

Commercial Interiors

Our commercial substrate preparation and finishing services extend to both existing and new services. We have all of the experience needed in drywall, plaster, painting of all types, and wall covering. Call us today to learn more!

Commercial Exteriors

At H. F. Fritsch Custom Finishes, our expert plasterers are able to provide exterior insulation finish systems and painting of any type for both existing AND new surfaces. We can work with many materials, such as wood, masonry, metal, and exterior insulation systems.
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