Summer is for Relaxing… Leave the Painting to Us!

News   /   Jun 12th, 2018

Once you’ve finished spring cleaning, you probably want to take a break and enjoy all summer has to offer! But maybe after sprucing up your house you realized a room (or two… or three… or your entire exterior) could use a fresh coat of paint or perhaps a new wow-factor with a unique wall covering. However, the last thing you want to do is start a new project right when the weather is finally getting nice – in Central Illinois we want to take those beautiful days when we can get them!

Hiring professional residential painters can be the solution. We do the work, you get to relax and enjoy your home’s fresh, new look.

What Needs to Be Done

First, let’s take a look at what might need to be done. Your home’s interior walls could use a fresh coat of paint about every 10 years or so, which means it might be time for an update. Even if the surface looks OK, you’d be surprised how much a fresh coat of paint – maybe in a more modern color – or some new wall texturing can really change a space. Doing this one thing can feel like you’ve updated the whole room. And it’s likely more affordable than you might think.

What about your home’s exterior surfaces? With the harsh winters we so often see in Central Illinois, followed by rainy springs and hot summers, the exterior walls of your house can really take a beating. It’s a good idea to repaint them every decade or so as well.

Why You Should Do It

If your walls – interior or exterior – are in need of a fresh coat of paint, they certainly won’t improve the longer you wait. Let us take care of the job now before the paint really starts to chip or peel, which is not only unsightly, but can cost more money to repair down the road. Painting now means one less thing on your to-do list!

Fresh paint is also one of the top things a real estate agent recommends when preparing your home to be sold – but why wait until then? If you freshen up the paint now, you get to enjoy it today, as well as improve your home’s potential resale value down the road.

It’s also a great opportunity to rearrange the furniture, reposition hanging wall art, and patch up any holes. A whole new look with items you already own!


Who Should Do the Job

Some painting projects are DIY, sure. But they still require time and materials. And some jobs, like high ceilings, large surface areas, or exterior painting, should really be left to the pros.

If you want to be sure the job gets done right – the first time – leave it to an experienced painting contractor! You don’t have to worry about matching paint or finding the right size ladder. You don’t have to labor in the heat or spend your weekends working indoors during the best season of the year!

At Fritsch Custom Finishes, we have the knowledge and experience to do the job right. Since 1930, we’ve been providing painting and custom finishing services to residents just like you in Central Illinois. We are committed to quality and provide craftsmanship that is second to none and satisfaction that will last a lifetime.

This summer leave the painting to us! Give us a call at (217) 546-6784 or email us at and let us take this task off your hands so you can enjoy the sunny weather.


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