The Effect of Paint Color in Your Business

News   /   Oct 9th, 2018

Crown Plaza swimming poolColor plays an important role in our mood and feelings, whether we realize it or not. Choosing the right colors for your business space can have a positive effect on your employees and clients; choosing the wrong color could inadvertently send the wrong message.

So what color should you pick? That depends on the nature of your business and what message you’re looking to convey. Is your office a calm environment where your employees need to focus? Or do you run a vibrant enterprise where energy is key? Or something in between?

Here is a handy guide based on the vibe you’re hoping to achieve:

DOT Foods in Mount Sterling

Vibe: Vibrancy

Colors: Yellow, orange

Reasoning: These colors get the creative juices flowing and help keep energy levels up throughout the day. They convey optimism as well, which further boosts inspiration and motivation.

Great for: Trendy tech start-ups, creative agencies, the local juice bar

Vibe: High Energy

Colors: Red

Reasoning: Much like yellow and orange, red is a vibrant color that can help get the heart rate up. That’s a good thing if you’re in an active environment; it’s not good at all if you’re trying to maintain order. In almost all cases, you’ll need a calmer accent color to help tone it down.

Great for: Shopping malls, kids’ birthday party venues and bounce houses, fast food restaurants

Winchester Elementary School Classroom

Calm and focused

Colors: Green and blue

Reasoning: Light tones of blue or green help employees remain calm and focused. Green can help an employee work through those final long hours without getting fatigued. When employees are relaxed, they can concentrate on the tasks at hand, which increases productivity. You’ll just want to avoid darker tones of green and blue, which can sometimes elicit sadness and therefore have the opposite effect of what you’re looking for.

Great for: Doctor’s offices, waiting rooms, and pretty much any office setting


Plain and simple

Colors: White, beige, other neutrals

Reasoning: While these shades are safe, they also borderline on boring. They can be de-energizing and demotivating as well. Not ideal! You could, however, consider using them as accent colors.

Great for: One or two accent walls to tone down more vibrant and positive colors

Your best bet is probably a combination of colors. Use a strong color sparingly and tone it down with neutral colors on the other walls. A splash of color can have a positive effect without going overboard; conversely, playing it “safe” with all neutral colors can end up having the negative effect of lower energy and decreased productivity.

Newly painted office lobbyYou’ll also want to consider your brand’s colors. If your business is customer-facing, then the colors of the logo should be incorporated somewhere in your office, whether it’s through a small accent or a large wall of color. If customers or clients won’t be visiting your space, it’s not as important to carry those brand colors through the experience, but at the same time, why not? It unifies your employees and creates a sense of team pride.

When considering paint colors for your office or business, it can be helpful to talk to a professional painter who can help you decide what would work best in your space. If going with an accent color, which wall(s) should have the accent? Are there other ways to incorporate color or accents in your space (trim, chair rails, wainscoting, etc.)? The team at Fritsch Custom Finishes would be happy to help on your next commercial painting project. Give us a call at (217) 546-6784 or email us at to see how we can help create the right mood in your office or business with the right paint color!


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