Holiday Hanging Tips to Save Your Walls

News   /   Nov 8th, 2018

FireplaceThe holidays are a great time to deck the halls, but be sure not to ruin your walls! Here are some tips for spreading good cheer throughout your home while preventing any damage to your walls from hooks, nails, or tape.

The Easiest Way: Find an Alternative to Hanging

There are many alternatives to hanging items directly on your walls. This avoids having to create new nail holes for something that won't be displayed the rest of the year.

Holiday decorationsFor example, you can try the following holiday decorating ideas:

  • Twist greenery or tinsel around your bannisters and railings and fasten them with twisty ties.
  • Set decorative pieces on a mantle, ledge, or bookshelf and lean them against the wall.
  • Lay greenery strands on the otherwise-never-used tops of your kitchen cabinets.
  • Use existing nail holes – simply take down your year-round wall décor and temporarily replace with seasonal items.
  • Wrap your paintings and artwork in wrapping paper, garnish with a bow, then rehang in the same spot.
  • Hang your stockings from the mantle using sturdy paperweights with hooks (this trend is becoming very popular, so you can probably find some to suit your taste at your local home goods store).

All of these options add a fun, holiday flair to your home without damaging your existing surfaces.

If You Must Hang, Hang it Right

For holiday decorations that must be hung, try these tips:

  • Use painter’s tape to adhere items to your walls, as long as the tape itself can be hidden behind the decoration. Painter’s tape won’t peel the paint off your walls (its very purpose is to protect your walls while painting) so it’s a much better choice than scotch tape, masking tape, or duct tape.
  • Consider hanging decorations, particularly wreathes, over doors. Attach a ribbon to the wreath, drape the ribbon over the top of the door, then fasten the ribbon on the back of the door. If it’s a door where people will see the back (like your front door), fasten the ribbon with a command hook the same color as your door. If people won’t see it (like your pantry door), you can try using painter’s tape, as long as the object you’re hanging isn’t too heavy.
  • For exterior lighting, try fastening your strands with binder clips (such as from an office supply store), so you can remove the clips with the lighting when you take down the decorations.

No matter the holiday, we’re here to help with your painting needs. And if you find yourself in a situation of needing paint or drywall repair, we can definitely help! We’ve been doing interior and exterior painting for more than 80 years and look forward to working with you on your next project. Give us a call at (217) 546-6784 or email us at and let us know how we can help deck your halls this holiday season.


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