What to Expect from a Professional Painter or Finisher

News   /   Apr 11th, 2018

On average your home or business needs a fresh coat of paint at least once every 10 years. Whether you are looking to redecorate or just freshen up your current wall color, you might be thinking about hiring a professional painter. Planning on tackling a large or small custom finishing project, but are wondering if a pro might be worth the time? Or the money? What are reasonable expectations when hiring a professional painter or finisher?

Here are a few things you can expect:


painter toolsOne huge benefit to hiring a professional painter versus doing it yourself is timeliness. With a crew dedicated to your project, top-notch painting professionals can knock out the job in less than half the time it would take you to do it yourself – while still maintaining a high level of quality. They already have all the supplies and know-how to get the job done. While you’re still trying to safely set up your ladder, drop cloths and paint trays correctly, they’re already done with the job!

Professionals will also show up on time, put in a full day’s work, and leave on time. They won’t take extended lunch breaks or linger in the evenings while you’re trying to get dinner ready. They will minimize how much they inconvenience you and maximize their efficiency.


Painter safetySpeaking of ladders, this is one of the most dangerous parts of any paint job. A professional will already have the necessary equipment on-hand (platform ladders, scaffolding, etc.) and will know how to use everything safely.

A professional painting company is required to have adequate insurance, giving you peace of mind while your project is underway. A reliable painting professional should be able to provide you a copy of their insurance policy.


Painting preparationsA successful painting project involves more than just painting. The surfaces need to be properly prepared in advance. This can include cleaning, patching, and priming. Depending on the state of the surface you’re planning to paint, more extensive work might need to be done, such as in older homes or historic buildings. Slapping a coat of paint on a surface that’s not ready to paint will only make matters worse! Professionals will not rush this step. They will work carefully to ensure the surfaces are in great shape before painting.

Professionals will also remove electrical plates and outlet covers, set up drop cloths and other appropriate protection, and will tape off the areas to be painted.


If you want splattered paint, you could hire Jackson Pollock. But more likely, you’re looking for a top-quality finish. That’s where the experts come in. While painting and finishing may appear easy, there are many tools and tricks of the trade to get the result to come out just right.

Experts can help you select the right colors, paints, and finishes for your project. You might be thinking “gloss” when in fact “matte” would be better for the job. Or maybe you want a dark shade of paint, but didn’t realize you also need a darker primer to go with it. Making the wrong call can lead to undesired – and expensive – results. A professional can be sure the right choices are made before the project even begins.

Post-Project Work

Post project work for paintingWhen the painting or custom finishing is complete, all that’s left is to let it dry, right? Wrong! A professional will come back the next day and check for any areas that need touching up. Once they’re sure the work is up to their standards, they will put the electrical plates and outlet covers back on, carefully remove the painters tape, and clean everything up. Just like they didn’t rush to set up, they won’t rush to clean up. They will be thorough and attentive to detail until the very end of the project.

They will also provide contact information in case you need to follow up at any point after the projects completion. If you experience any issues with your paint or finishing job, a professional should have no problem answering your call!


Even the newest professionals on the block should have at least some experience. They should be able to point you to previous painting and finishing projects they’ve completed and reviews or testimonials from satisfied clients.

If you’re planning a painting or custom finishing project, Fritsch Custom Finishes would love to help! We’ve been serving customers throughout Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado and Texas since 1930 and pride ourselves on high-quality craftsmanship and satisfaction that will last a lifetime. We offer interior painting, exterior painting, and a variety of custom finishes for residential and commercial clients including, religious institutions, educational facilities, hospitality, government, and historical structures.

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