Residential Painting


Fritsch provides interior painting of all types, including all new and remodeled residences, or most often redecorated homes where we are the prime contractor, engaged directly with the owner. This most often is owner-occupied residences, but we also do rental property, including apartments. The type of painting includes normal, conventional painting of ceilings, walls and trim, as well as application of transparent finishes (i.e. stain and varnished wood surfaces). Additionally, we do faux finish painting.

Fritsch prepares substrates prior to painting - this includes patching cracks, gouge marks, etc. and lightly sanding and cleaning woodwork prior to painting. We also clean surfaces prior to painting that have been affected by smokers, fry cooked foods and mildew. Fritsch will assist (or refer you to others) in the selection and coordination of new color schemes.

Our employees protect furnishings with clean dropcloths and/or sheet polyethylene film, wear protective booties in nice occupied homes and are well attired in company shirts and clean white trousers (unlike shoddily appareled competitors). We move furniture that is in the way at occupied residences, and replace it in original positions after we're done. Our schedules are flexible to meet owners' needs.

Fritsch has insurance on our employees and upon the property on which we are working. We are more than willing to provide a certificate of insurance upon request.


A fresh coat of exterior paint is a good way to give your home or business a "face lift". It repels weather, protects the investment you've made in your property, and adds appeal to buyers if you've decided to sell.

Fritsch protects landscaping and pavement (i.e. dropcloths) and prepares previously painted surfaces for new finishes. This preparation may include powerwashing, scraping loose, blistered, and scaly old paint, caulk voids and gaps, replace loose, missing, brittle window glazing compound with new glazing compound, spot prime bare spots, and apply new house paint to siding and trim. Some houses and trim are stained - not painted. Fritsch also helps owners select new color schemes, by application of samples, if needed. Fritsch provides ladders, scaffolds, or even self-propelled manlifts, if necessary, to access difficult to reach high places.

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